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April, 2016.

Carrying: Clare V. fringe clutch 

Reading: Sadly not as much as I would like. I work so much and am sort of mentally drained at night. So…mostly Vogue or NY Times’ articles. And snippets from the Bell Jar, because I always go to that.

Drinking: WW + T: Water, Wine, Tea.

Shopping: Not much, saving money. Too expensive scented candles, mostly. Such as ByRedo ones.

Missing: New York, West Village walks, fire-escape wine drinking and bitching with Avanti, my parents and summer.

Wanting: Hillary Clinton as next president. World peace, typical Beauty Queen answer. But actually, though, world peace…would be nice about now.

Listening to: Taylor Swift, James Bay, Halsey.

Watching: Finished latest season of GIRLS. Waiting for Grace&Frankie. Also watched this amazing documentary on female architects, Making Space – go watch it if you like architecture and feminism...which are two things most people would be better off appreciating. AND DESPERATELY want to watch First Monday in May. Anna Wintour is getting higher and higher on my “favorite women” list.

Wearing: That mix of hopeful spring-clothes covered by heavy knits and sheepskin jackets. Because Stockholm.

What does love feel like? I imagine, hope, that that life-changing, “this is it” kind of love feels the way I feel when I see the the New York City skyline approaching after having been away from it. Mixed with how chocolate tastes and those nights where everything is just, somehow miraculosuly, absolutely perfect and happy. If that’s the feeling of it, I will be willing to work for it. Forever.


Let’s Try This Again

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I am a hopelss girl and clearly an unwilling blogg-ress. But I am also not one to give up on things I find thrilling. So here we go, AGAIN. Let’s do this now.

I am wearing:

Blouse: H&M

Jeans: Cheap Monday

Bag: Clare V.

Shoes: Topshop


A very typical day-at-the-office look for me: proper, yes, but not without its edge, because neither am I.





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When I’m standing with women: I’m standing with an army

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(me and one of my best friends, Linnea, at a Topshop x launch party last week)

Alas, people, I have returned.

You know what I wanna talk about? Something I have thought about a lot recently. I just  started my first REAL job as Fashion Assistant at Damernas Värld/DV Mode, one of Scandinavia’s biggest magazines…okay you know no, not gonna be humble about it, it is THE biggest and the oldest magazine in Scandinavia. And I am thrilled to get to be there everyday.

Not just because it’s a straight entrance into the kind of place I want to work in the future, not only because it is ever-changing and thoroughly creative and challenging on a daily basis. But also, because it is a workplace not just dominated by women, but where 100 %  of the employees are, yes, female. Everyone from our Editor in Chief, to our Fashion Editors, to our interns and to our Financial Analysts – are indeed, female.

Growing up, I have always heard things like “women don’t work well together”, “too many women in one workplace will cause catfights and bitchy-ness” , “women don’t support each other, they only talk shit about each other behind backs”. First of all, this is extremely generalizing and have you ever heard something as generalizing said of men? “Men are violent” , “too many men in one workplace might get aggressive” , “men tend to solve conflicts not by discussion but by war” . Never growing up have I heard these discussions when male dominated workplaces were discussed.

(cont. after jump)


Yet, I’ve kept hearing it about girls and women. And for a while, I almost started to believe that there might be an ounce of truth to it. I doubted it of course, because always when growing up, the places I felt safest in were in my group of female friends. When my best girlfriends backed me up when a boy in our class tried to make a fool out of me by not letting me finish my argument, or sidetracking me by bringing up irrelevant comments on my appearance in a political science discussion. The girls were always the ones who had my back, and I had theirs.

But when enough people tell you something, you start to believe that that is the inevitable truth, you doubt your own experiences and think “well if everyone says so, it must be so”. That’s the cruel power of patriarchy, too. It brainwashes you, it manipulates you into thinking things that will help the patriarchy to be upheld and maintained. If enough people tell you that women don’t work well together, you will very likely start to believe it, and subconsciously adjust your choices so that you might not hire 5 women, or even 1. Because you’ve heard that women don’t work well together all your life, you might make this choice EVEN if you yourself are a woman. And that’s how men and our patriarchal society keeps on thriving.

(cont. after jump)


But then I started college – I started college at a fashion school in New York: where 90 % of the students were female, 10% were gay men. Every day I witnessed how all the talk of how “too many women in one place is not efficient, causes catfights, is a professional disaster” didn’t seem to have one ounce of truth to it. And that notion has cemented itself recently, after starting my first job at a fashion magazine where everyone in the staff is female (which, by the way, is very common when you look to all big international fashion publications). I go to work every day feeling safe and happy. I feel motivated instead of inhibited – something I often would feel in all my years in classrooms and schools where there were a lot of men and boys.

I see on a daily basis how all these women support each other, work hard to create these dreamy, glossy pages each month that other girls and women will be able to escape their everyday worries with when paging through, if only for a moment.

I’ve never witnessed such a density of hard working, motivated, ambitious, creative, yet fully supportive-of each-other people anywhere else before. And I can’t be brainwashed anymore, because I’ve seen the truth, I live in the midst of the proof that women, dare I say it, work better together than any other group of people would. Not because we’re better, but because we’ve always learned we had to: because when the society was bust telling us women don’t work well together, we were busy standing up for each other, because no one else did. War is a language men speak, but when I’m standing with women, I’m standing with an army.


(photos of me in a studio New York, November 2015, shot by Andrew Morales) 

22 questions

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(wearing: Sweater&Jeans from & Other Stories, Necklaces from Syster P and H&M)

As I have a chronically bad habit of having you (readers of this blog) ask me questions and then ACTUALLY NEVER make a video/post answering them – I have decided that to somewhat make up for this bad habit, which nags on my bad conscience constantly, I will now answer 22 (as I’m turning 22 this year, getting old!) questions about me (as the egocentric millennial I am, after all). I found a fun questionnaire which is a good mix of questions that might let you know some things about me that you didn’t.  I tend to babble, but will try to keep it short and sweet (or not sweet, who knows).

So, let’s begin!

1. What are your best qualities? I think I have a lot of empathy (sometimes too much), I’m stubborn and ambitious…if I want something I make sure I will go get it.

2. Your worst qualities? I’m a worried soul and I have a hard time trusting people and things – for no reason at all, because I’ve had the most sincere and safe and happy childhood. But I just can’t seem to trust people, the future or the world, fully ever.

3. What is your favorite drink?  White wine, champagne, water and black tea. I wish I’d drink coffee though, would suit my personality more.

4. What is your favorite song at the moment? ‘New Romantics’ by Taylor Swift. Have listened to it constantly for a year now and I’m still not tired of it. It reminds me of being young now and of me and my friends and just this line: “we’re too busy dancing, to get knocked off our feet.” Sums up so much for me.

5. What is the last thing you bought? A whole lotta things at & Other Stories.

6. Favorite book of all time? Tough question. One of the ones that have resonated the most with me is The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath.

7. Favorite perfume?  The Bal D’Afrique fragrance by ByRedo.

IMG_84228. How would your friends describe you? Umm…loyal, ambitious, passionate, and always late.

9. Favorite sound? The sound of New York and the sound of laughter-that-cannot-be-kept-in so it just overflows and erupts.

10. How many siblings do you have? Three older brothers.

11. What is your favorite store? 

For food: Whole Foods

For clothes: & Other Stories

For accessories (bags specifically): Clare V.


12. What is one thing people might not know about you?

I have synesthesia! Google it.

13. What is your favorite season?

Spring and fall.

14. Do you want to get married one day? 

Yes, but that requires me to find an incredibly rare and GREAT man, which sometimes feels quite hopeless…so we’ll see!

15. Where do you want to live: New York, I think that will be true throughout my life. When I’m not there, a piece of me is missing which sounds incredibly silly maybe – but that’s my connection to it, and how much it is home to me so I will make sure I’m there mostly in the future.


16. What I find attractive in the preferred sex: well I’m straight so, in men: hands, shoulders/back, tall-ness, kind eyes and good values.

17. The meanest thing anyone has ever said to me: I’m sure there are other things which might have been meaner later on, but the one that pops up instantly is: “your fingers are too chubby to play the piano” when I was 8, that’s just stuck with me.

18. What’s your favorite beauty product? Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

19. Do you always smile for pictures? Famously, no.

20. What did you want to be when you were little? A dolphin trainer or a pop star, randomly most of my classmates wanted to become “dolphin trainers” – and to my knowledge, no one is one yet.

21. How would you describe your best friend? I have several but they all have these things in common: smart, loyal, ambitious, curious about people/the world, they always make me laugh and they’re sometimes annoyingly attractive.

22. What would be the title of your autobiography? “She Tried”





black. white. all. right.

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A while back I did a studio shoot in New York with photographer, and my friend, Andrew Morales, and I thought I’d share it in two parts. I love the simplicity of these black and white images. Black and white is timeless, both in clothing and in coloring of images.



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Let’s (NOT) talk about your age

16/01/10 - 03:49 - In: Uncategorized published a great article a couple of days ago on ageism with the title Menswear Is the Only Place in Fashion Where Age Is Really Just a Number” : talking about how for the ever-so-open and evolving fashion industry few ideas are taboo. It’s embraced everything from gender-fluidity to Caitlyn Jenner (and other trans-people) long before the rest of the world did. Yet, one thing remains so radical (apparently) you can’t mention it. A woman’s age. Yeah, sorry I should have asked you to sit down before I brought up the unmentionable! Sorry for traumatizing you on this Friday afternoon/evening when you just wanted to have a good time. Women don’t age, right!? They do?? Oh. Well, I don’t wanna know about it! Lock ’em up somewhere so I don’t have to see.

Ok no on a serious matter, women are people and people tend to age. Breaking news I know, but it’s true.

The author of the Vogue article mentions that the only place in fashion where age doesn’t seem to be an issue is in menswear. When I read this I chuckled. Not because I was happy. But because it’s so ridiculously non-shocking and predictable that it’s only funny, no hilarious. You know in the way a funny YouTube video of someone who’s about to do some really cool, but impossible, stunt and then falls down and hurts themselves, is funny. It’s really actually quite sad and it probably hurt like hell but your cruel human instinct is to laugh because you knew they’d fail! This is funny in the same, tragic way.

(text cont. after a photo of me, in a turtleneck sweater, which, if my age had been 61 instead of 21, you would say “oh she looks bloody good for her age!” , hopefully “good” and not “bad” but who knows . But as I’m still in the age range where age is allowed on a girl, woman – you won’t say that!)

IMG_8006Turtleneck sweater provided by COS. 

I mean OF COURSE the only place in fashion where it’s OKAY, or even good, to age is when it comes to MEN. Because after all, fashion is just a reflection of the world we live in and what’s going on in it. And in the world it is perfectly fine for men to age. It can even be attractive and give them more power and authority. They can be silver foxes and bad-ass with tattooed arms or in cool suits, but there really are no restrictions for what they can’t do or wear. Why do we say “she looks good for her age” about older women? I know of and know a lot of women who look good . Not for their age. They look good, period. They’re absolutely gorgeous and it’s neither despite their age or because of it. I don’t think about their age.

Maybe I’m an odd one at 21 because after all I’ve never been ageist, ever. Probably because I liked to hang out with my mom’s feminist book circle friends at the age of 8 and seem to be a constant magnet for older ladies in all kinds of places in the world. I think they feel that I’m one of them, only clad in a much younger shell. My role models have all been much older women. Who are great, not despite of their age, sometimes because of it (because they’ve done more cool stuff), but mostly because they’re awesome people. Period.


I loved this Vogue article because it shone light on something that’s absolutely so obvious, but sometimes obvious things need some light in order for people to see them. However, I don’t agree on the solution the author provides: that women in fashion should borrow from the boys and try to be more age-defying. We always tell women to fix so called “women’s issues” on our own. To borrow from the boys, but not demand help from them. Ageism, just like other women’s issues, is a MUCH larger problem than that. And it comes back to men. I mean we can be age defying, but 60-year old men will still marry 20-year-old girls. Also a lot of the big fashion houses are headed by men, so men create fashion they want to see on women. And for the menswear lines, they can put an older model on the catwalk because they like to see themselves represented. But an old woman? Forget it. Believe me, I would love more than anything for all “women’s problems” to be able to be resolved without any help or contribution from them, but if that were the case: honey, they’d been resolved a long time ago.

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New Years res(rev)olution: not smiling for your comfort

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DSC_4165I have learned a lot of things in 2015 – I’ve been between New York and Stockholm and I have encountered so many people and events and new experiences. But one of the most valuable things I’ve learned, for me, is not life-changing  but a new way to see something about myself, I guess.

For as long as I can remember, people have always told me that I’ve been “too serious”, that my neutral state of looking made me come off as “upset, angry, un-welcoming, unfriendly,  a sad puppy, cold, hard, intimidating…” the adjectives vary and I could go on forever, but what’s caused them all is the same: the smile, or rather the lack of the smile. Or rather, the lack of the smile on my lips.

I discussed this a while back on the blog and the more I’ve thought about it, the more infuriating it is. What makes people think they have the right to decide not just what I look like, but also based on that ONE aspect, the lack of the smile, also decide WHO I AM and what I’m like.

(cont. after some photos of me in a pyjamas, because that’s my most accurate #OOTD during Holiday season)


Also to point out, I never look particularly angry, either. Because I’m not. I’m a child who’s daydreamed and fantasized (A LOT) since day one and so when I’ve sat in the sandbox, in the classroom, on a bench, at a cafe, by myself, I guess I tend  to look a bit “serious” and distant -because I am. I’m in my parallel universe, my thoughts, my imagination and my fantasy wanderings. It doesn’t matter, that’s my sanctuary, and more so, my prerogative.

But it’s threatening with someone, especially a young girl, who doesn’t smile by default whenever a boy walks by, or a teacher or a classmate or a complete stranger tells you that you look too serious. Why? Because a smile is disarming. It makes us look open, available, kind but also disarmed and willing to obey. And honestly, I never once heard people tell my contemporaries who were boys, who  also looked “serious”, that they should smile more. Because they didn’t have to be disarmed, they also were perfectly entitled to look serious, I mean they should! At 5, 16 and 31 they all should know they had the power to conquer the world.

A young girl who hasn’t adjusted or understood the disarming smile, is a threat. A threat to, yes the big word is about to be said – patriarchy. Even if she’s not aware of it. I mean I didn’t look “serious” because I, at the age of 5 or 10 or 15 or 20, wanted to make a feminist statement (although, in hindsight, I wish I’d been that clever)!  It’s just the way I am.

I’ve constantly tried to adjust, when men and women have pointed out to me that I should smile more, look happier, not look so serious or even ask me if I’m upset: no Ms. Anderson (name has been changed), your 9 am biology class is not thrilling or challenging or intriguing enough to make me upset.

So my New Year’s resolution, and quiet revolution, is to stop apologizing for not smiling. That’s my armor. That’s my shield.




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Brooklyn Loft

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Visited my friend’s apartment  in Brooklyn and had to capture the gorgeous morning light in it. Splendid sunshine.


Admittedly, I’m more of a Manhattan girl (even though that comment in itself sounds extremely douchey, I’m aware)  – having lived since I moved to New York in the Chelsea arts district. And it’s interesting how when you live in Manhattan, you rarely leave. Same when you live in Brooklyn, you don’t tend to go to Manhattan unless you have to – even though the two boroughs are really easy to go between, a 15 minute subway ride and you’re on the other side.

I guess it has to do with where you find your places, your hoods, your stuff. My friends who live in Brooklyn, tell me: “well I only know of good places in Brooklyn” , and me? I ONLY know of cool places in Manhattan. I seem to know every sidewalk and corner of Manhattan. But when I cross that bridge, I don’t know where to go. Maybe I need to discover. Some day.

But today I’ll walk the streets back up and down that island of Manhattan.


eightseven six

DAILE x Amanda Brohman: Unmasking The Muse

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Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 5.54.00 PM

I recently teamed up with the new, New York-based, skincare brand DAILE for a little shoot + a little interview trying out their rad fab daily moisturizer . Which is perfect, because even though make up and beauty products SO aren’t  my thing (I’m happy if I can separate the eye shadow from the bronzer, that’s the level I’m at), moisturizing kinda is. I’m somewhat obsessed with moisturizing. So when DAILE asked me to be their “muse” I was, first of all, very flattered and also delighted as I’m always up to trying a new moisturizer.

This one is a DNA-serum and has a fancy formula that involves DNA-cells and other products which are supposedly amazing for your skin. I KNOW that it works fantastic, gives you a certain glow too, which is nice.

It’s sold in stores like Urban Outfitters and has been featured in W Mag among other places. So it’s getting its buzz. If you want to buy it you will get 20% off if you use the code:


So, do it. HERE.


Also, read this interview of me talking about style, feminism and my “beauty regime” (whatever that entails), by clicking HERE








Introducing: My NYC Diet

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What she’s wearing:

Bag: ‘Claude’ by Clare V. (click on link to get to store) 

Coat: MaxMara

Hat: Topshop 

Being a New Yorker and calling New York home is special in many ways. I could go on and on and on about the endless random things one becomes and does and behaves when having lived in New York for some time – and I’d be more than happy to share those musings with you over time, if there’s an interest.

But one thing, and a major one at that, is how much of your time revolves around what and where to eat. I promise you, there is not one New Yorker who doesn’t spend an almost unreasonable amount thinking of food. I don’t know what came first, the restaurants or the mindset of picking places to eat, drink and chill during the day. But I think it’s a combination of all the endless possibilities for food and drink as well as a need to get out of our tiny cub-hole apartments once in a while (or like, several times a day). Another factor is that THERE IS always something new, something you haven’t tried, something you’ve walked past 500 times and finally make your way into. I have an almost ridiculously long list on my phone of interesting places , which I pass by on my daily walks around Manhattan and when it’s time to go out for dinner, I start to go through this library of places – some are good, some are not as great as they look.

A few nights ago, when planning on where I should meet one of my best friends for dinner and drinks, I wrote to her, in desperation: I am stuck in Yelp hell. Which, if you live in New York, you’re surely familiar with. It’s the hell where all of these cool-and-not-so-cool-and-extremely-expensive-overrated-venues are mixed together into a burning hell of reviews and it drives you mad.

SO, I thought I would be a nice, cool soul and not keep my gems all to myself (as some of us tend to do) and instead share them with all of you. If you live in New York, you might get some new ideas and avoid Yelp hell for one night. If you’re a lucky visitor, you can see them as “tourist-proof” options and a help to NOT getting stuck in the wrong places.

Inspired by the Grub Street Diet format, I thought I would write a “food diary” for a week. Which various places I go to each day for a week. And you will get a good idea of good spots, as well as what this New Yorker’s life looks like on a daily basis.

The week will start now, so stay tuned for it next week sometimes and LET ME KNOW if there are any other New York themed things you want to know about.


OH – AND ALMOST HAPPY THANKSGIVING, for those of you who celebrate it. I will host a Friendsgiving by my fireplace with my closest tomorrow night.

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